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Here at IRONCLAD Roofing, we care about you and your project. You can rest assured that everything we do comes with one of the best warranties in the industry! 

Of course, you expect that your new roof won’t leak, and we’ll promise that it won’t, but the attention to detail is where we differentiate ourselves. We want your roof to appear beautiful and endure for many years in addition to keeping your attic dry. We’ll work with you to choose shingles that complement your house, and we’ll add custom-bent counter flashing to your chimneys and walls to finish the look. We create excellent metalwork that will enhance and beautify your house. 

While we install your new roof, we’ll pay particular attention to safeguarding the exterior of your home since it will protect the interior as well. We know you care about your landscape and décor. We perform an exceptional job of cleaning up before we go, we’ll carefully tarp your landscape, and we’ll maintain a secure and orderly worksite.  Due to the usage of dump trailers, the whole waste is cleaned up and removed on the same day. We are trustworthy, dependable, and clean. We only use high-quality materials and skilled, professional tradesmen.

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The Ironclad Roof

The Ironclad Roof

As a homeowner, how can you be sure your roof is being done right and will last worry-free for decades? Your home is not a place for experimentation — you deserve total confidence in the roofing system installed. 

We’ve chosen Owens Corning roofing products and their Total Roofing Protection System as our materials of choice. Owens Corning outperforms the industry so your roof can outperform the elements.

Every Ironclad installation is done with extra measures to provide long life, and structural integrity, and ensure that water stays outside your home!

  • A clean, secure deck for a solid “foundation” for your roof
  • Rhino ice and water barrier at strategic locations to prevent water penetration
  • Rhino Synthetic underlayment that is superior to traditional felt products
  • Guaranteed dimensional asphalt shingles with protective features
  • Air intakes and Rigid Roll ridge vents to properly ventilate your attic and roof

Our Process

Here at Ironclad Roofing, we take a lot of pride in our work.  We love what we do and care about quality and details. You can count on us to show up to your house on time and with professionalism and consistency. 

The Ironclad Roof

Ironclad Materials

We use Owens Corning products. From ice & water shield and synthetic felt to shingles and starters. The video below explains why Owens Corning products, especially Duration shingles, are IRONCLAD Roofing’s shingle of choice.

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Financing may be available for your roof installation. We have partnered with a lending broker to find the best rate and terms they can offer you. You may receive multiple offers with different terms and rates. You choose the best option to meet your personal goals. Eligible borrows may qualify for:

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