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Ironclad Roof Flashing

A home is a place for peace of mind. Behind every Ironclad Roof installation is the comfort and confidence of the Ironclad Guarantee.

To improve the visual aesthetic of your home, Ironclad Roofing only uses custom bent counter flashing. This roof flashing seals against water intrusion better than silicone and common kits. At Ironclad, we strive to only use the best products available.

What we do:

Cutting the Reglet

Our skilled tradesmen cut a 3/4″ groove around the chimney which will receive the counter flashing.

Installing Step Flashing

8″x 8″ pieces of L-shaped aluminum are set on top of each row of shingles to give water a pathway down the roof but away from the chimney or wall. This is then covered by the counter flashing.

Tucking the Flashing

Construction silicone is applied to fill the groove and the custom-bent aluminum counter flashing is inserted.

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Testimonial about Ironclad Roofing

If you are going to have a new or replacement Roof, I highly recommend Ironclad LLC. They are very efficient. Use good quality material, dependable and when finished and leave, (other than the new roof,) you would never know they were there.
Bob Jetmore - Testimonial for Ironclad Roofing
Bob Jetmore

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