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Contact Ironclad Roofing about your roofing investment. Every free estimate comes with a free roof inspection.

Call 765-789-0258 or fill out the form on our contact page.

This free inspection includes:

  • Check eaves, rakes, and valleys for damaged decking
  • Check the integrity of the counter flashing
  • Check pipe flashing
  • Check for hail damage and gradual loss
  • Check shingles for integrity
  • Check for incorrect shingle fastening

Along with your estimate, we’ll tell to you what we find that needs attention

Testimonial about Ironclad Roofing

I had my roof replaced by Ironclad Roofing about a year ago and it looks amazing! Price - I feel like these guys really took care of me, the price was fair and the quality was exceptional Quality - The crew worked quickly and professionally to tear off my old roof for a complete replacement. They paid attention to detail and really made it look nice. Appearance - My new roof looks great! The ridge cap is straight, flashing looks good, and the new vents give my house a clean look. Cleanup - They picked up everything from teardown and did not leave a mess in my yard when they finished. I also appreciate the fact that they kept their truck and trailer off my grass.
Nathan G. - Testimonial for Ironclad Roofing
Nathan G.

Need financing?

Financing may be available for your roof installation with Ironclad Roofing. We have partnered with a lending broker to find the best rate and terms they can offer you. You may receive multiple offers with different terms and rates. Once presented with the options, you can then choose the best option to meet your personal goals. Click the Apply Now button below to see what options you are eligible for!

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