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At Ironclad Roofing, we strive to only use the best roofing materials available in the industry – we use Owens Corning. From ice and water shield and synthetic felt to shingles and starters. The video below explains why Owens Corning products, especially Duration shingles, are Ironclad Roofing’s shingle of choice.

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Ironclad Roofing

Duration® Series Shingles Nailing Zone Performance | Owens Corning Roofing

Check out the video below that explains what makes Ironclad Roofing shingles and roofing materials stand out from the rest in the industry. Duration shingles are exceptionally durable shingles that resist algae, wind, and granule loss.  

With Duration shingles, you can expect up to:

  • 9 times better resistance to nail blow-through
  • 2.5 times more resistant to nail pull-through (which translates to exceptional wind resistance)
  • 2 times stronger delamination resistance
  • 25-year algae resistance!

Testimonial about Ironclad Roofing

I have had Ironclad Roofing out to complete two separate roofing projects for me. Both times the workers were very professional and courteous. The job was completed on time and at a great price. I highly recommend Ironclad Roofing!
Andrea Newman - Testimonial for Ironclad Roofing
Andrea Newman

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