IRONCLAD Technique

Tear Off

The IRONCLAD crew will completely remove all old shingles and felt paper to clearly identify any problems in sheeting and addressed those issues before your new roof is installed.


Your sheeting is carefully inspected for damage and soft areas so that we can make any repairs prior to laying shingles. Loose decking which does not need replaced will be secured.

Protecting the Deck

To protect the most vulnerable areas of your roof, we always install ice and water shield on all eaves, valleys and around protrusions. This is especially important when snow fills your gutters or there is ice damming


Using only the most highly skilled tradesmen, we install the industry’s best shingles; Duration by Owens Corning. Ironclad Roofing is an authorized Owens Corning contractor.

Counter Flashing

To improve the visual aesthetic of your home, we only use custom bent counter flashing. This seals against water intrusion better than silicone and common kits.

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Shingled roofs have a 10 year workmanship warranty from IRONCLAD Roofing and a 50 year material warranty from Owens Corning. Flat roofs have a 5 year workmanship warranty.

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